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Book Cover

My first beta readers are making their way through the first novel of the Infinite Vampire series, Blood 4 Life, and I'm working on ideas for the cover. I like black leather I like silver and gold I like Victorian flourishes I like metal corners I like art deco and...

First Draft of Novel is FINISHED!!!

Whew! 94,000 words later, I've got a rough first draft of the novel, Infinite Vampire: Blood 4 Life. Now the "fun part" begins. Editing. The first few chapters are probably a little loose as I was still finding the correct voice and style, so they might suck to fix....

90,000 words!!!

I'm not sure if you, (Mr/Mrs) (Beautiful/Handsome), know this, but I just finished chapter 20 of my novel, Blood 4 Life, and I've crossed 90,000 words! Only one chapter to go. Only a few thousand more words. 90,000 words!

60,000 words and counting!

I have hit 60,000 words! I expect the novel to reach around 90k words, so I'm 2/3 done with the first draft! As soon as the draft is completed, I'll start reaching out to those on my mailing list to select beta readers. Sign up if you're interested! -M. Lorrox


I crossed the 55,000 word milestone on Infinite Vampire: Blood 4 Life, and I figured out a key concern I had about my ending. Now I can't wait to write it in! I hope to dedicate many many hours to complete this draft by the end of this month. Sorry to anyone that...

Infinite Vampire Stories

I started the INFINITE VAMPIRE project a couple years ago. At first it was just a silly notion about a character, then a family, and then much, much more. With the encouragement of friends and family, I'm very pleased to be bringing the world of Infinite Vampire to...