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Early Reflections on Trashy Romance

Dec 1, 2020 | All Entries, Trashy Romance, Writing

Trashy romance is my second series of novels, and to date I’ve published two books in the series: the first is called Curbside Pickup and the second is called Back-Alley Treasure Trove. These books are atypical romances in that they feature blue-collar main characters, involve progressive views regarding sexuality, and in that they don’t all follow the same trope.

The first book has a pansexual main character who is invited into some non-monogamy, but the main romance is a monogamous one. The second book involves more casual sexuality, but the main characters are monogamous. The third book, which is not been released yet because I’m still editing it, centers around a polyamorous woman as she develops a pair of relationships.

When I first told people what I was writing and the names of the stories, I usually got one of two reactions. They would either wish me luck and admit that they didn’t read that kind of thing, or they expressed extreme enthusiasm over the marketability and what they thought would become an instant top seller. Unfortunately, when the books were published and I shared my accomplishment to some of those same excited people, they forgot some of their enthusiasm.

I didn’t have such high expectations for sales when I release these due to my experience with my first series of novels performing at a level less than stellar. Still though, I hoped that some of the enthusiasm that was shared with me would reflect a perspective in the market, and so far, I don’t feel like that is the case.

During a particular particularly low moment, when the books were being censored by Amazon and were struggling to sell on other platforms I asked myself why I even write books. The answer I eventually came up with, is that I write books because I want to. I don’t write them to market to sell and so I shouldn’t be disappointed when they don’t sell. I believe I put a lot of pressure on myself to try and create these books and publish them so that they could sell and make me a lot of money, but in reality as a new author, it’s just not going to happen. I need a lot of books in my catalog to really get the sales, and strategically speaking, those books should be in the same genre. Over and over again, I hear authors screaming to only write books in one genre per pen-name.

While I fully understand where they’re coming from, there is no way in hell I’m going to follow their advice. Mostly because their goals are different from mine. They’re different from me, they’re writing books that are different, and most likely, they’re not writing for the same reasons as me.

I’m just going to write the books I want to write, the books that I want to read, and publish them for as cheaply as possible. I’m not going to play the game where I inflate prices only to drop them for discounts, I’m just gonna keep the prices low all the time. I’m also going to publish these books wide, so that readers on any platform can enjoy the stories, and I’m not going to worry about the small percentage of royalties those are retailers made me.

I’m just going to create stories, and the stories that I create for this series, are going to be trashy, sexy, and fun. We’ll see if HBO wants to run a miniseries, or if Showtime wants to buy the rights. I’m not holding my breath though, and I’m not going to stress about how many books I sell.