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Azurine Art

Dec 1, 2020 | All Entries, Azurine Art, Living

So, turns out I’ve been an artist this whole time! I’ve been using the name ‘Azurine’ For my art for a few years but it’s been hidden away on a social media platform called Fetlife. With the launch of a site called Rarible, I decided publish my art more widely and use new technology to monetize it.

The new website for this project is and I feel good about the progress I’ve made so far. The way I’m going about publishing my art, is that I’m not only putting it online publicly but I’m also minting it into non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that it actually costs money to publish new work. It also means that the work I publish is instantly made into a commodity or item that can be sold or transferred digitally.

This isn’t a post about the technology that allows me to do this. This is a post about me finally accepting and embracing a part of myself, the artist who creates work that is at times sublime, at times erotic, at times awkward, and at times difficult. While I do take pictures of pretty flowers, I’ve also been known to photograph roadkill. I’ve worked with amazing dancers and martial artists and porn stars and regular people.

Up until now I’ve always kept my art and my identity as an artist secret, because the things I made were not the most socially acceptable. The things that were acceptable used my own legal name as the artist name, But I always had an identity that I was not sharing I always hid part of myself from the world and in doing so I locked my art away from the world as well. It didn’t feel very good to hide something that was so personal to me, and I’m glad that I decided to not do that anymore.

I certainly have goals for the project besides making money and besides publishing my work. I also want to create some tools that allow other artists using technology like I am to do new and interesting things with their work. I think the biggest goal I have though, is actually just to the publishing of my art as an exercise in self reflection, acceptance, and commitment. I am an artist who makes art, and the world will always be able to know that.