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Freestyle Haiku 2010-2020 (preview)

These were made on the artblocks rinkeby testnet:

This is the description of the Artblocks  project:

Freestyle Haiku 2010-2020

by Matto

10 years, 1250 poems. All written by Matto and published online for free in a style the poet calls Freestyle Haiku. Some follow a classic structure, others are free verse, and some read like a song. Freestyle Haiku Poetry Tokens is a 100% on-chain, fully deterministic, generative art & poetry project written entirely in standardized JavaScript. Only 5000 of these tokens can ever be created (4x the poem-count), and because the poems are assigned randomly during token creation, some poems may be selected once, many times, or never at all.


Total Minted: 105 / 5000 max

License: NIFTY

Script: js

Price per token: 0.03 Ξ

This is a screenshot of this project on Rinkeby:

Q & A

(Ask me Qs on the discord, and I’ll put any helpful Q & As here.)

Where do these colors come from?

I pull 3 full sets of RGB values from the deterministic hash. This project does not use predetermined color palettes, but instead lets chance determine the colors. Of course, frequently, some or all of these colors are ignored depending on other deterministic features.

Is there any kind of animation in these tokens?

Only in your mind.

That said, if you have an idea for something, chat with me about it in the discord!

Testnet Tokens

These were generated through the artist-interface and uploaded here for wider-visibility.

You can generate them in your browser from artblocks with the following url (just change the tokenID):